Sunday, April 6, 2014

[China] Fighting.2014.DVDScr.x264.AC3-SmY [English Subtitle]

Title: Fighting / A Better Tomorrow
Release date : 2014-03-21 ( Mainland China )
Countries: China
Genre: Action / Romance
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Subtitles Chinese / English


Possessing unique martial arts skills since childhood, Ma Yongzhen (Philip Ng) travels from his hometown to Shanghai to seek a livelihood. There he meets rising overlord Lung Chat (Andy On). The two youth who both possess a dream quickly befriend each other and they become brothers after going through difficulties together.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

[J.Movie | 18+] Naughty Guide to Tokyo Nightlife (1996).DVDRIP.AVI

For those willing to descend deep enough into Tokyo's seedy underworld, many illicit and illegal pleasures are available, for a price. The NAUGHTY GUIDE TO TOKYO NIGHTLIFE follows a number of women who are part of this world and who offer to act out any man's erotic fantasy, for a price, of course.

[J.Movie | 18+] Meneko / Female Cat (1983) [English Subtitle]

This is a Nikkatsu Roman Porno flick from 1983. The story is about a group of female doctors and nurses who took something from the Yakuza and a band of them are out to get it back.
Innocent female doctor Mineko was seduced by Sachiko, an aggressive lesbian, in her younger days. Mineko begins dating a male coworker, and accepts an invitation to a party at the home of a transvestite patient. Sachiko comes out of Mineko's past, enraged with jealousy, and begins tormenting Mineko and her boyfriend.

[J.Movie | 18+] Excitement Class: Love Techniques (1972) [English Subtitle]

Tormented by his first sexual stirrings, the teenager Isao dreams every night of his gym teacher Ikuko. He finally opens her heart but she rejects his advances. Frustrated, Isao invents all sorts of stratagies to disgust Ikuko´s fiance, a professor of chemistry in the same school. As his plan fails, he plans a radical solution, and the results turns out to be...

[J.Movie | 18+] Dabide no hoshi: Bishôjo-gari (1979).DVDRIP.H264.AC3 [English Subtit]

One dark and stormy night, a middle age prison escapee haphazardly breaks into the luxurious mason of a wealthy and privileged family and rapes the young wife in front of her bound husband. A year later, the son conceived by the rapist comes into the world. At the age of sixteen, he studies Nazi atrocities in history class, and feels the awakening of his inner brutality. The time has come. He launches a journey to let off a long-held grudge against the abusive foster father and to seek out a reunion with his genetic dad. He lures out his real father through newspaper ads and invites him to the secret torture chamber in the basement of the house where he confines abducted girls. Their feast of lust and perversion has now begun.

[J.Movie | 18+] Burrado / Blood (2009).DVDRIP.H264.AC3 [English Subtitle]

Where does love and lust lead you...if you never die? What destiny awaits an immortal? Is there a destination for immortal love and lust? Shigenori Takechi of IZO incorporated these philosophical questions into his screenplay. Ten Shimoyama of Shinobi turned it into stylish and punk cinematic entertainment.
Police Detective Hoshino, who specialises in long open unsolved cases, travelling to the mansion of the reclusive Miyako Rozmberk to investigate the murder of a sixteen-year-old maid at a house she previously owned some years back. Miyako blames the murder on a man named Ukyo Kuronuma. Hoshino tracks him down, and upon finding him is shocked to catch him in the act of biting a young girl’s neck as she begs for her life. Hoshino dicovers that Ukyo was once known as Okita, a swordsman from Edo period who was turned into a vampire by Miyako.

[J.Movie | 18+] 卍(まんじ) / All Mixed Up / Manji (1983).DVDRIP.AVI

A married kleptomaniac (Sonoko) and a younger woman (Mitsuko) begin an unusual love affair which develops fast into a kinky sexual love triangle when Sonoko’s husband gets involved.

Friday, March 21, 2014

[J.Movie | 18+] Go Go Second Time Virgin (1969).DVDRIP.AVI [English Subtitle]

This might be one of the weirdest and many unique films I've ever seen. It's artsploitation, and like many artsploitation, its art is questionable. In the end, though, we judged that it had been more art than exploitation.

[J.Movie | 18] Running in Madness, Dying in Love (1969).DVDRIP.AVI [English Subtitle]

During clashes between demonstrators and police that rage on the streets of Tokyo, a young man hiding in the house of his brother - a police officer. But because of the differences in views on the situation in the country brothers begin to fight, the outcome of which decides police intervention wife, shot her husband from his own gun. For the sake they decide to disguise a murder suicide. Becoming lovers, they flee to the north, as if pursued by the ghost of her murdered husband, their sexual passion and pulse of the changing times.

[J.Movie | 18+]Woman Hunting Massacre Woods.2012.DVDRip.XviD.AC3

Five women get hunted in the Massacre Woods.

[J.Movie | 18+] 1964.720p.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-GABE [English Subtitle]

Jumpei Niki, a Tokyo based entomologist and educator, is in a poor seaside village collecting specimens of sand insects. As it is late in the day and as he has missed the last bus back to the city, some of the local villagers suggest that he spend the night there, they offering to find him a place to stay. That place is the home of a young woman, whose house is located at the bottom of a sand pit accessible only by ladder. He later learns that the woman's husband and child died in a sandstorm, their undiscovered bodies buried somewhere near the house. The next morning as he tries to leave, he finds that the ladder is gone – he realizing that the ladder he climbed down was a rope ladder which is anchored above the pit – meaning that he is trapped with the young woman as the walls of the pit are sand with no grip. He also realizes that this entrapment was the villagers and the young woman's plan for him to stay there permanently to be her helper in the never-ending task of digging out the sand, which if not done will swallow them alive. They are dependent upon the villagers to help remove the sand, but also for their rations including water. He learns that the sand is the young woman's life, and that she knows or wants no other life. Thus, it is no use either to blackmail or kill her as she is willing to live and die by this life, and as such he will surely die if she is dead. His life tasks become to figure out a way to escape while co-exist with the woman in what he considers their prison. As time goes on, he also learns that there are other tasks which will consume him.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

[Japan | USA]47.Ronin.2013.720p.BluRay.x264 [English, French Subtitle]

While hunting in the forest, Lord Asano of Ako and his samurai find a young alf-breed and take him with them to live in the castle. Several years later, Lord Asano holds a tournament to welcome the Shogun to Ako. The night after the tournament, Lord Asano is bewitched into hurting Lord Kira of Nagato, and is unished into committing seppuku by the Shogun. Realizing that it was a Lord Kira's evil plot, the samurais and the half-breed sets out for revenge against the Shogun's order.

[J.Movie | 18+] ひと夏の秘密 / Secret of One Summer (1979).DVDRIP.XviD

"Hitonatsu no himitsu" is a new movie by Kazunari Takeda that was released in 1979.

[J.Movie | 18+ ]夢野久作の少女地獄 / Kasei no Onna / Yumeno Kyusaku Girl’ Hell (1977).DVDRIP.DivX

One of pinku eiga starlet Asami Ogawa’s best films, this softcore melodrama from the Nikkatsu studio and the always-interesting Masaru Konuma bears some resemblance to Heavenly Creatures in its exploration of a fantasy world created by two troubled girls. Utae (Ogawa) and Aiko (Yuko Asuka) attend an all-girl private school where the devoutly religious principal (Shoichi Kuwayama) seems to be raping some of the students, including Utae. Aiko is really the principal’s daughter, and was horribly abused by him when she was a child. Or so the audience is led to believe. Eventually, Utae and Aiko kidnap the lecher and viciously torture him in scenes so diabolically Sadean that they could only have come from the pen of Kyusaku Yumeno, author of the well-regarded {-Dogura Magura}. There’s a very nasty abortion scene, self-immolation, and enough psychological weirdness to keep even the most demanding fans of extreme Japanese cinema happy. Hideaki Ezumi co-stars. (Taken from The New York Times Movies)

[J.Movie | 18+] Inugami no tatari / Curse of Dog God (1977).DVDRIP.X264.AAC

In a rural village with a poorly understood but long standing curse from the Dog God, outsiders from a major Tokyo mining corporation scouting for uranium destroy a small shrine and crush a dog under their jeep wheels. After one of the mining company employees marries the daughter of a prominent member of the village, the Dog God’s wrath boils over and people start to die. The village girl and mining company employee start a new life in Tokyo, but the Dog God possesses her and she is deemed mentally ill. The couple returns to the village to perform an exorcism, but it is unsuccessful. As the body count accumulates, the cause of and remedy for the curse becomes more opaque.

[J.Movie | 18+] Ringu:Kanzen-ban (1995).UNCUT.DVDRIP.DivX [English Subtitle]

  • Director: Chisui Takigawa
  • Writers: Jôji Iida (teleplay), Taizô Soshigaya (teleplay)
  • Stars: Katsunori Takahashi, Ayane Miura, Mai Tachihara
  • Genres: Horror
  • Country: Japan
  • Language: Japanese
  • Subtitle(s):English
  • Release Date: 11 August 1995 (Japan)
  • Also Known As: Ringu: Jiko ka! Henshi ka! 4-tsu no inochi wo ubau shôjo no onnen

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

[J.Movie | 18+] Môjû / Blind Beast (1969).DVDRIP.AVI

  • Year: 1969
  • Duration: 01:24:06
  • Directed by: Yasuzô Masumura
  • Actors: Eiji Funakoshi, Mako Midori, Noriko Sengoku
  • Language: Japanese | English Subs
  • Country: Japan
  • Also known as: Môjû, Cega Obsessão, La bête aveugle,Tyflo ktinos, Agouri sarka sta heria tyflou ktinous, A vak fenevad, Mohju, Slepa bestia, Die blinde Bestie

[J.Movie | 18+] The Woman with Red Hair (1979).DVDRIP.AVI

  • Directed by: Tatsumi Kumashiro
  • Stars: Junko Miyashita, Renji Ishibashi and Ako
  • Language: Japanese | Subtitles: English
  • Country: Japan | IMDB Info
  • Also known as: Akai kami no onna, La femme aux cheveux rouges

Monday, March 17, 2014

[J.Movie | 18+] Terrifying Girls’ High School: Lynch Law Classroom (1973) [Eng Sub]

  • Directed by: Noribumi Suzuki
  • Stars: Miki Sugimoto, Reiko Ike and Seiko Saburi
  • Language: Japanese | Subtitles: English
  • Country: Japan | IMDB Info
  • Also known as: Kyôfu joshikôkô: bôkô rinchi kyôshitsu

[J.Movie | 18+] Kunoichi Sekigahara (2010).DVDRIp.AVI

  • Directed by: Hiroyuki Kawasaki
  • Stars: Satomi Yoko and Ogura Nana
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan

[K.Movie | 18+] Chungking.2007.DVDRip.XviD.XviD.AC3-JCA [English Subtitle]

  • Genres : Drama
  • Running Time : 95min
  • Country : South Korea
  • Language :Korea |
  • Production Status : Released
  • Release Date : Nov 06, 2008

[j.Movie | 18+] Missing 44: The Final Stage (2010).DVDRIP.MKV

  • Directed by: Yasushi Koshizaka
  • Stars: Ruby Aiba, Mirei Asaoka, Tsubasa Haruya, Yô Kamiyoshihara, Hiromi Nakata, Tsubaki Nino, Kôta Okushima, Hitomi Usano
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan | IMDB Info
  • Also known as: Misshingu 44: Za fainaru sutêji

[J.Movie | 18+] Misshingu 44 / Missing 44 (2010).DVDRIP.AVI

  • Directed by: Yasushi Koshizaka
  • Stars: Ruby Aiba, Mirei Asaoka and Tsubasa Haruya
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan | IMDB Info
  • Also known as: Misshingu 44